By integrating all creative abilities and flexible thoughts of all employees, based on the appreciation of respect for humanities, mutual, reliance and the protection of the environment, to FE Magnet Wire (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd contributes to an advising society through:

  • Making life of people more convenient, more enjoyable and moe creative by offering high quality and reasonable price of Enamelled Magnet Wire, Extruded Insulation Winding Wires and Polyimide Tubing, essential to electrical appliances, automobiles, infrastructure and so on.
  • Obtaining customer satisfaction at all times.
  • Realizing the company status what every employee and his family to lead happy and healthy life.

FEMM targets in being the excellent:

  • Enameled Magnet Wire
  • Extruded Insulation Winding Wires
  • Polyimide Tubing

Company with high quality, high technology, high competitiveness and dignity in the world.